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PJ Doom Co-op Tiem

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So let's play some fucking Brutal Doom sometime. In an effort to make everything easy to setup and play, I made a pre-packaged folder with everything you need. In the spoiler I'm going to include instructions for the .zip I whipped up and for the cowboys who want to get everything they need themselves. Besides that, let's use this thread to figure out some times to get together and shoot some Hell spawn. My schedule can mostly flex to meet other people's needs, but Fridays and Sundays are completely out for me. I can make a Google Calender/Doc or something for organization if we really need it.




This is a prepacked portable install of the Doom source port Zandronum. The .zip contains everything you need to get started playing Brutal Doom SE multiplayer with your PJ bretheren! Skip towards the bottom for instructions on how to get everything yourself.

"But Lazer!" I hear you say, "I have no fucking clue how any of this shit works or wat do."

That's okay. Hold my hand, I'm going to walk you through it. First things first, there is a bit of pre-configuration to do before we can actually get to playing Doom. Don't worry, it'll take less than 10 minutes provided you haven't wasted your brain away watching chinese cartoons.

1.) Extract that motherfuckin' .zip somewhere on your computer where it'll be nice and snug. I suggest a folder in your documents where you keep other vidja, but you can always just dump it in your Program Files folder if you're a purist.

2.) Once extracted, find the file named "zandronum-lazer.ini" in the root folder. Rename it like this: "zandronum-%user%.ini" That is to say, rename it with whatever user name you use for Windows (I did mention this is a Windows install I've bundled? Sorry Dave, maybe you should have thought about how large your neckbeard would get when you installed Ubuntu! It's okay though you can just skip to the bottom of this I'll hook you up). It must be exact to your username, down to caps and spaces.

3.) Navigate to the Doomseeker folder under the root. Open "doomseeker.exe" and have a gander at the UI. This is what we'll be using to set up our multiplayer shenanigans. It will probably bug you to update it but don't do it, it's a trap you faggot. Press F5 or navigate to "Options -> Configure." Once the configuration window is open,  open the drop down tab "Engines," and click on "Zandronum." You should see something like this:


What you need to do is change the option "Path to executable:" to where the zandronum.exe file is in the root folder (wherever the fuck it is you wound up putting it, anyways).

4.) Still managing? Good. I always knew you weren't completely hopeless! But the job's not done yet. Now open the tab "File paths." You should be looking at this screen:


What I want you to do now is add two new file paths. The first you're going to add should be identical to the "C:/Users/lazer/AppData/Roaming/.doomseeker" file path, except replace my user name with whatever your user name is. Unless you're some kind of weirdo and your AppData folder isn't there. Then you gotta find it yourself, dickweed.

The second file path should be, you guessed it, like "D:\DOCUMENTS\GAMES\DOOM 1&2\zandronum\Doomseeker\". Basically, add a new path that is the Doomseeker folder where you found the doomseeker.exe. After you've done that, go ahead and remove the original file paths because fuck you that's why.

5.) Do the same thing as the step above, except this time under the tab "Wadseeker -> General." You may be seeing a pattern here. But probably not because you're on PJ which means you're likely mentally deficient. The directory where Wadseeker will put wads into should be the same file path you changed before, under AppData etc etc. I doubt you'll ever have a reason to use this functionality but whatever let's just do it anyways.

6.) Do you typically run your desktop at 1920x1080? I sure hope so because that's what this is all pre-configured for. If you do run at 1080, go ahead and skip this step. If not, open that .ini file we renamed before in notepad. Find the lines "vid_defheight" and "vid_defwidth." Change those to whatever is your screen's native resolution.

7.) Okay, time to make that money! Double click zandronum.exe. You should be greeted by the glorious sounds and imagery of Doom modded to dick and back. If so, excellent. If not, go back and made sure you did all the steps right, fuck-nuts. If you did the steps correctly but it's still not working, hop your ass straight into IRC and tell me what a colossal faggot I am.

8.) Close that shit out. If we're getting ready to play a game, you'll want to boot up doomseeker.exe. Joining a server is as easy as using the search box to find the name of whatever we have decided to call the server. It will probably prompt you for a password. Maybe a screen name. I don't know I haven't even gotten this far myself yet. Anyways, Doomseeker will launch Zandronum and point it towards the right connections for you once you've joined a server. From there it is a simple matter of RIP AND TEAR. HUGE GUTS.

"But Lazer!" I hear you say, "That all seems stupid! Can't I just download and install this shit myself so it will auto-set all the file paths for me?"

YOU SURE CAN, COCKSUCKER. Really it just comes down to whether you want to dick with file paths or dick with downloading/installing/configuring Zandronum, the mods we'll be playing with, and finding a doom.wad file somewhere. Seriously there are a lot of in game options that need fucked with, it will arguably take more time to do it this way. Regardless, I can point you in the right direction for the first two, the .wad file you can pluck from this .zip or find yourself. You're a big boy, use google. Oh and lookie here, they provide a Linux version if you happen to be a homosexual like SOMEBODY we all know!


http://zandronum.com/download <- this is where you want to go to get the multiplayer source-port. It comes in various OS varieties. The version I packaged up is 1.2, just FYI.

http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?p=721634#p721634 <- this is the Brutal Doom meta-mod we'll be using, Brutal Doom Sperglord Edition. Get the download for Zandronum, not GZdoom because we're not using GZdoom, dumbass. If you ever want to play this by yourself though you should go get GZdoom and the GZdoom version because it has fancier graphics/features.

Some notes on setting all this up yourself:

The files in the Brutal Doom .zip download go in the "skins" folder of your Zandronum install.

The doom.wad file goes in the Zandronum root folder.

Here are some mission critical settings that must be configured once you open Zandronum:

Go to Options. Go straight to "Set video mode" and set your resolution to whatever is right. Ensure that "Renderer" is set to OpenGL or you will have a bad time.

Go back to Options. Under "Customize Controls," you should map Alternate Fire to Mouse 2. Map the Use key to 'E.' Map the Jump key to Space. Map the Crouch key to 'Ctrl.' You can obviously adjust all this later.

Go back to Options. Under Mouse Options, ensure "Enable Mouse" and "Always Mouselook" are set to ON. Ensure "Mouse Smoothing" is OFF. This is also where your sensitivity can be adjusted later.

Go back to Options. Under Player Setup, set your name to use online. There's also an auto-aim option but I'm not sure if it actually affects anything when mouse look is on. Just keep it in mind if we go to play a game and it's actually on, because only STEERS N QUEERS use auto-aim.

Go back to Options. Under Display Options, set "Death Camera" to YES. Set "Blood Type" to "Sprites and Particles," and "Bullet Puff" to "Particles" for max pretty.

Stay in Display Options, but navigate to the "OpenGL" sub menu. Make sure Vsync is OFF. It's terrible in this. "Rendering Quality" should be set to "Quality," unless you're playing on a toaster.

Navigate to the "Texture Options" sub menu. The "Texture Filter Mode" should be set to "None," if you want the classic Doom look. Set it to other things for a filter similar to what SNES emulators have (ie: pixel smoothing). Personally, I think it looks like shit.

Head back up one menu, and delve into the "Shader Options" sub menu. "Brightmaps" is the important one that should be on, the rest are nice but subtle changes and don't really matter if they're on or off.

Head back up one menu again, and navigate to the "Preferences" sub menu. This part is VERY IMPORTANT or everything will look fucking stupid. Change "Adjust Sprite Clipping" to "Always," and "Smooth Sprite Edges" to "ON."

Head back up one menu, and navigate to the "Dynamic Lights" sub menu. Basically these options should all be ON except for "Force Additive Lighting."

And that should do it. Go ahead and start a game under "New Game" to make sure everything looks right. Trust me, you'll know if it doesn't.

You catch all that? Good.

That's all for now comrades. See you in Hell!




EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the control scheme, since it is different from what you would expect of typical Doom. Provided you followed the guide, you controls should be something like:



Movement - WASD

Sprint - Shift

Fire - Mouse 1

Alt Fire - Mouse 2

Action - E

Kick - Q

Reload - R

Jump - Space

Crouch - Ctrl

Roll Left/Right - Z/C

Friendly Gesture - F

Taunts - J, K, there's more I can't remember. You can see them in the keybinds.

Change Weapons - Number keys, Scroll Wheel

Map - Tab

Use Item - Enter

Select Item - ], [



There is a bunch of other shit you can do but I'll leave that for you guys to discover when we play.

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I'm pretty down for this since all my classes end tomorrow(today). 


Making a google event/calendar whatever will probably be for the best, providing google changes the time to match everyone's time zone.

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