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Uncle Hudso

Story continuation

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Ok. You all should be familiar with this.

Someone says TWO WORDS. No more. No less.

These words continue the plot of whatever sentence/paragraph/story is forming.

Keep it relevant, people.

I'll begin:


In Pompeii


And, what the hell, I'll keep the story updated here:

In Pompeii, all the guitar strings are made of dick hair, and enriched uranium. All's well that ends in deed's hot, chocolate pudding factory of semen. Said Diss,"People weep semen tears of semen."

Everyone won.

And yet they died. One fateful day gorillas raped everyone. Especially Ray. However, they raped noodles very very enthusiastically. There was a worried gorilla who wrote faggy poetry and flung poop at people who went aaaaaaaaaaaahnn~ at noodles' vagina. Monkeys raped PED. The monkey leader lost the game when he gave his life for Aiur. Meanwhile, naked samus also raped PED with a knife made of agony in the butt. Her bouncing titties had unshaven hair like her ass's and was coated in cotton candy made with semen-extracted sugar crystals. Samus shaves, bathes, and disappears forever.

In deed's room there were men. And nothing happened.Until they all Meatspined to space. Totally horrifying image.

*snap snap snap* went the ray of sunshine of holy light and give a fuck.

Fuck your mother.

What the fuck?

is are or

I need scissors so I can eat a salad made of paper

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