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Guide to using IRC

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Do the other kids at school make fun of you? Do you want to be popular like them? Look no further! With me, Uncle Dan, as your sage guide you yes YOU can be one of the cool kids TODAY!


Just follow these easy steps!


1.) Go here, and download the appropriate installer (Windows users will need the 32 or 64bit  client download (depending on Windows version) and the Visual C++ Redist if it isn't installed):



2.) Install it. This is the bare minimum of things you want with the install: 




3.) Boot up Hexchat. You should see something like this:




Fill in your desired user name and backups (in case for some reason your name is in use), then hit the "Add" button. This will create a blank space within the list, name it "foonetic" (the name of our server provider that you'll be connecting to) or "PJ server" (if you'd rather not forget what it is). Hit Enter on your keyboard to confirm the name, then hit "Edit..." so we can proceed with filling in our new server bookmark.


4.) Now you should see this:




Here we're gonna set up all the relevant connection data. Copy this to your clipboard: irc.foonetic.net/6667 (Our server address, should you later decide you hate Hexchat)

Hit "Add" up top right, then paste the information and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Match the rest of the settings you see, filling in whatever password pleases you (this will be for when we register your nickname with the server later).

Then, click the "Autojoin channels" tab. This is where we assign channels on the network to... Automatically join. Copy this to your clipboard: #projectjen (Our channel name, should you later decide you hate Hexchat)

Hit "Add" up top right again, then paste the information and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Hit "Close".


5.) You should be back at the Network List window. Make sure our shiny new server bookmark is selected, and hit "Connect" at the bottom right. Let the magic happen. First you'll see something like this flash into view:






And then you will be greeted by our channel's MOTD (Message of the Day (usually some stupid shit)):






We're practically home free now. Stop and take a second to greet your fellow PJ denizens (tell them what a bunch of fat degenerates they are). Now on to the final touches.


6.) Let's register your nickname. Copy this into chat (make sure you don't screw up, or you might wind up putting your personal password out into PJ chat):


Note that all IRC commands start with a / (forward slash). This is how the server differentiates commands from just some old bullshit messages.


NOTE: Typically you want to do all your nickname registering before joining a channel, but it should be fine (and if we do reg your nick before you as a joke I'm sure we'll give it back when we're done).


If done correctly, you should get the appropriate confirmation in the server text tab (viewed by clicking the "Foonetic" tab top left. Note that server and channel windows can be un-nested and dragged around as separate windows). Now using that fanciness set up in the Network List portion earlier, anytime you boot Hexchat and click "connect" on your bookmark you'll autojoin the Foonetic server, autojoin the #projectjen channel, AND send the NickServ bot a msg to identify yourself with your password (so no one can steal your nickname).


That's it! If that isn't straight forward enough, let me know in replies and I'll try to explain better and fix the above TL;DR.


Here are some handy /Commands to get you started

/help <- get command help

/nick <nickname> <- change your nickname to <nickname>.

/me is sending a message! <- send your message with the format "nickname is sending a message!" instead of "nickname: is sending a message!"

/msg <nickname> <text> <- send private message <text> to user <nickname>

/msg nickserv ghost <nickname> <password> <- use your NickServ registered password to boot some other chucklefuck off your nickname. This will literally disconnect them to give you a chance to /nick and /msg nickserv identify <password> to finish the fuccboi.


Happy relay chattan, fam.

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7.) Never close IRC or turn off your computer


But seriously, if no one replies right away don't just leave. We're all idling in there all the time but aren't talking at all hours of the day and night. Be patient.

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Made a new account just to say thank you, and thank you. I was inclined to stay logged in even if I am afk but I logged out anyway. Hopefully this works and I can stay involved better. I miss everyone.

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