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Neptune's Pride

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oh right, someone say the settings they want again and i'll start it up

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Stars for victory: 66%

Formal Alliances: Yes

Build Warpgates: Expensive

Random Warpgates: None

Dark Galaxy: No


Galaxy Type: Random Hex

Star Scatter: Random Scatter

Stars per Player: 24

Starting Distance: Medium

Resources: Standard

Production Ticks: 24

Starting Stars: 6

Starting Cash: 500

Starting Ships 10

Starting Infrastructure: 5-5-1

Development Costs: Standard

Trade Costs: 15

Trade Scanning: Everyone

Starting Tech: 1

Research Costs: Normal??

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Welp, I still want to do this, so...


I set the options for 8 players, that might have been too optimistic.

If some of you guys are still interested, we can always recreate it with less.

Password's "TheJokeIs0ver" (sorry, my mistake) "TheJokes0ver" (that's a zero). Be careful: they don't enforce HTTPS.



Oh wow, it's been more than a year since we last planned on doing this.

I just noticed the "Force start" button in the admin panel, so I don't think we'll have to recreate the game if we are less than 8.

I also noticed that since the map is visible before we select our color, and the starting stars are indicated for each color, my very first choice in the game was a bad one.

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Welp, that's not taking off as fast as I thought it would...

Speaking of which, I set the game so it's turn-based, I hope that's alright.

That should make it less stressful for those of us who have to work.

There's a 24h deadline for the turns, which I felt was fitting for a game in which the players are in different timezones.



Uh... I'm not sure 3 players are going to make for an interesting game (I expected around 6 or 8 players).

Let's wait until Saturday then.

I've tested the options in a game against bots (and got rekt, hard). Turn-based works pretty well, but it kind of spam your mailbox.


Edit 2:

Saturday came, still only 3 players. I guess it wasn't the right time then. Too bad.

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