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from a youtube comment


When I was 16 I was dating this Asian girl who was obsessed with origami. When we finally got to the stage in the relationship where we were getting it on she told me she had been making these tiny paper stars for the person that took her virginity. Turns out she had been making these things for like 4 years, which in and of itself is kinda creepy thinking about an 11 year old who wants to lose their virginity. Anywho, she would make them whenever she felt sexually frustrated or some shit, she explained it and that's what I got from it. Well after we slept together the first time she gifted me all those little paper stars and let me tell you, there were about 3 ENTIRE FUCKING BOXES of them. Not even small boxes either, like big boxes that office copier paper comes in - filled to the brim with these tiny paper stars. Each star no bigger than the tip of your thumb, tens of thousands of them from four years of some preteen psychopath's sexual frustration. 
It was at that point I realized she was fucking crazy, because she turned into this sex-crazed insane person after we first slept together. She would grab my crotch in front of he mom saying shit like "This is mine now," and call my parents when I wasn't around saying we were trying to have a baby. We broke up a few months later after she started to threaten to hurt herself whenever we were not hanging out. She was super-duper hot but good god was she off her shit. That was my first taste of dating a crazy chick, and sometimes I will still find a random paper star buried in my stuff some 15 years later. Like a reminder to never stick my dick in crazy.


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