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The Nudist Colony Crisis: An RP

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This happens now.


Basic plot is that there's a tropical island paradise which also happens to be a nudist colony exclusively for lesbian supermodels. Their boats destroyed, they are trapped on the island, with a kinky lesbian ninja who is hiding among the supermodels' ranks and kidnapping them to take them to her lair to do... stuff with them. Guys and girls alike can play as the lesbian supermodels, of course, and who gets to be the ninja is decided randomly.



Skin Color:

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Age: (18-25)

Breast Size:



Name: Kate

Skin Color: Tan

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green

Age: 22

Breast Size: D

Bio: Was originally a child model and worked her way up, turned lesbian at 16 when she realized how awesome girls were.


Kate sunned her lucious, exposed body in the warm tropical sun. She glanced around at the other nude girls around her and watched as they walked bouncefully across the white sands. Somewhere among them, a kinky kidnapper waited... Sexily.

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Name: Quo'atthoralea

Skin Color: Auburn

Hair Color: Pink

Eye Color: Red

Age: 19,092

Breast Size: F

Bio: Just your average 5th circle demon teenage girl who is about to hit her 20,000s. She makes her way up to the human realm and starts to see that not all women have serrators lining their vaginal walls. She pledges to impregnate at least one young female with her penises.




Quo was masturbating vigorously in her room when she noticed a disturbance in the force. She quickly spewed her heavily load from her fem-sticks and burst out into the beach, looking for any signs of trouble.

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Name: Ayu-Chan

Skin Color: Asian

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Age: Under

Breast Size: A

Bio: A Japanese teen (more or less) idol. Enjoys singing, dancing, and making adorable noises.


Ayu-chan was cutely playing naked in the water when she was scared by a noise coming from the woods. She began adorably running to the beach house to find help.

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