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  1. D33d


    In the interests of giving you guys something different to look at, have a live clip of my friends and me being cool.
  2. Christ, my life so far's felt like a slow whirlwind or sorts lately. I don't post here too often, but god damn I want to be able to put certain things into words here. This is a pretty sad post and I basically need to vent, so don't feel obliged to read this if you don't want your mood ruined or whatever. Some of you will have seen the bad news on Facebook before I changed its privacy settings. This is the sad part: This is the good part: At the same time, I've been getting more and more involved with various projects, making great progress in expanding my network and generally getting to be extremely productive musically and socially. A friend somehow managed to get me involved with a soul band who's already got a strong national profile, so along with my other bands, future commitments and miscellaneous session recordings, the tail end of this year's shaping up to be a real milestone in my life. On top of that, I finally told my dad about my boyfriend and how we're making a lot of plans to make things work out. Dad seems to be completely okay with this and is happy to talk about it in more detail, i.e. when we're not in the middle of a crisis. We might even be able to see each other by next year or so--it's pretty exciting to think about. Plus, I'm hoping to be able to travel a lot in maybe a few years' time, though I'll at least be likely to be touring Europe and maybe more at some point. Maybe I'll see some of you guys!
  3. I hope that these are good enough for senpai to notice me. I have to say that posing's a lot more fun when figuring out how to make the figure stay up on its own.
  4. Incoming alien spooge. Expendable income is wonderful. Crap pic, might take better pics etc.
  5. I decided to drop by, because I missed this place for some reason. I now own a car. It's diesel and everything. One of dad's old jackets also happened to fit me perfectly, so hello hand-me-downs.
  6. Probably. Personally, I don't see the need for it and I don't want to risk any messy accidents. I realise that they should be minimal, but this is me we're talking about. Even so, from what I've read this Noctua's on par with some WC units, so I wouldn't be getting much of a performance gain anyway.
  7. What the. Did you go ITX or something? To be fair, I'm not going to see too much benefit from my new cooler for a while, but I want to futureproof my setup in anticipation of ditching his H77. No overclocking, of all things. Cheaped out at the last moment and compromised my setup. Oh yeah, I'm digging the Oxford shirt as well. That reminds me that I should get some plain shirts at some point, especially now that I have a nice suit. Maybe a few sleek ties as well.
  8. A mid tower. All the cooler needs is a decent amount of depth and RAM modules without those ridiculous "heatsinks." If it's any consolation, I may have botched the thermal paste a little bit--at idle, core 0 seems to have been running a lot hotter than the others, althoguh t hey seem to have evened out now. That, or CoreTemp is overrated. It seems to be a lot quieter as well and high-resistance cable attachments were supplied, should I want it quieter. The weak link seems to be the case's fans, as they're still creating a fair amount of noise. Probably gonna get more Noctua fans for ultimate quietness.
  9. I see your little cooler and raise you a Noctua D14. This just in: It's definitely huge. Yes, I know that I need to shave.
  10. D33d


    After several weeks of recording and going in and out of my uni's studio for entire afternoons, I've finished my production assignment. I arranged the Starlight Zone BGM from 'Sonic the Hedgehog,' complete with a jazz-funk style and all of the automation effects. Check it out! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2778527/David%20Gray%20-%20Starlight%20Zone.ogg
  11. D33d


    Doubleposting, but you know the BGM in Starlight Zone in 'Sonic the Hedgehog?' I've made an arrangement of that for my recording project. Currently, I have the rhythm section, which was recorded all at once. It worked amazingly. The keys player did a load of solo takes too, so I've gone to town on with flangers and delay and that kind of thing. Sample 1: Ridiculous '70s flangesynth action! Sample 2: Silly, wobbly vibes!
  12. Hi Ray. I decided to record myself playing it a little bit too. It's obviously sloppy, but I couldn't resist.
  13. Here I am, sitting on my backside and trying to work myself into an academic mood. It isn't even that academic--I have to prepare a twenty-minute seminar to teach my fellow students literally anything. I also have to write a lesson plan for teaching hypothetical kids about the major scale. Then, there are simple arrangements for a studio recording and my own assessments. Nothing that'd even be very taxing, but Christ there is nothing I can do in order to instil a work ethic. On the plus side, the band which was aired on my local radio station has a few more gigs lined up and potential promotional work. I'm also in a good position to get around with other projects--if I do much with certain function band, then I'll even be paid to write horn parts and I'll finally have an excuse to get a good suit. In general, I just seem to be getting a nice variety of work and a good network--even the boss of my old function band's asked me to do a couple of well-paid gigs. Hell, after showing up for a rehearsal which turned out to not be on, I sat and talked with a guy about various things, coming out of his house with a mini mixer (for dad's turntable), a delay pedal(!) and a vinyl of Studio One's reggae/ska recordings. Absolutely wonderful. My life; it's coalescing into something, piece by piece.
  14. D33d


    A band of mine were featured on local radio. I'm very pleased with how the horn parts turned out, as the trumpet player and I made a load of suggestions to make them more lively, such as the stabs towards the end of the track. Our track starts at 46:28. It's quite varied and cycles between some Spanish-styled stuff, a ska groove and DnBish funk. It sounds fairly awful when compressed through a radio stream, but it cooks all the same.
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