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  2. [13:59] but my stepdad gave me top secret babies
  3. what the hell are you doing here this place is forsaken. mutant plague rats roam our streets. quickly, take cover in the IRC chat like the rest of us, before the radiation takes you
  4. Gaiajack

    Board Game Arena

    So Board Game Arena is this site that runs officially sanctioned web versions of a bunch of board games for free. You can play any of the games either asynchronously or real time. Here's the list of available games. We should get some asynch games of pretty much anything going. If there are any games you already know how to play then list those. I only know how to play Quoridor which is a really fun abstract strategy game (2 players), but the more complex games that support a bunch of players might be a better fit for us. Make an account and list what games you know how to play if any (besides the obvious ones like Chess), and what your account is: JackM - Quoridor Race For The Galaxy seems like an obvious choice to play since it handles 4 players and seems to be pretty popular ALTHOUGH it's also a game where all you do is play cards and buy cards to build an economy, Tash Kalar is also 4 players and is more of a strategic game where you summon creatures onto the board by basically drawing pic
  5. Stars for victory: 66% Formal Alliances: Yes Build Warpgates: Expensive Random Warpgates: None Dark Galaxy: No Galaxy Type: Random Hex Star Scatter: Random Scatter Stars per Player: 24 Starting Distance: Medium Resources: Standard Production Ticks: 24 Starting Stars: 6 Starting Cash: 500 Starting Ships 10 Starting Infrastructure: 5-5-1 Development Costs: Standard Trade Costs: 15 Trade Scanning: Everyone Starting Tech: 1 Research Costs: Normal??
  6. (1:23:43 AM) nightredbot: i could explain schrodingers yiff (1:24:50 AM) Gaiajack: I would love that nr (1:24:51 AM) nightredbot: god i love being right
  7. Warpgates seemed to add a lot of strategic flexibility last time. I'd be against removing them. Maybe they could be more expensive, though. And I personally liked the totally dark galaxy.
  8. Everything seemed fine last time, although we could try playing with alliances and possibly lower the production ticks to 18. I'm curious about activating "only trade with people you can see", although it might choke strategy, especially if anyone gets stuck behind someone else, like Sai last time.
  9. (1:38:41 AM) Concave_Earth: I'm supposed to be visiting some local filipino friends out by mount fuji today (1:38:49 AM) Concave_Earth: But they're all freaking out because they don't know what I eat (1:38:56 AM) Concave_Earth: or what I do (1:39:01 AM) Concave_Earth: first white visitor I guess (1:39:03 AM) Gaiajack: cheeseburgers obviously (1:39:43 AM) Herringway: Babies (1:40:13 AM) Dissident: just send them this http://altjapan.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341bfd2253ef0120a5c89311970b-pi (1:40:39 AM) Dissident: goddamn I could go for some mcdonalds fries right now (1:41:35 AM) Concave_Earth: I uh, might have just fucked things up? (1:41:39 AM) Concave_Earth: I think they're trolling me (1:41:57 AM) Binary-2: lol (1:42:05 AM) Binary-2: time to eat fries (1:42:07 AM) Dissident: haha what (1:42:29 AM) Gaiajack: everybody knows how to make cheeseburgers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxcHWa50WLw (1:42:32 AM) Concave_Earth: They only have so-so english, kept saying how good they were going to treat me and take care of me (1:42:39 AM) Concave_Earth: i was like "hahaha you're not going to kill me are you?" (1:42:53 AM) Concave_Earth: ":( You scare me david. I change my mind" (1:42:57 AM) Concave_Earth: SIGN OFF (1:43:04 AM) Binary-2: Goodbye forever (1:43:07 AM) Gaiajack: woah (1:43:28 AM) Dissident: hahahaha (1:43:54 AM) Concave_Earth: I really hope they're just trolling (1:44:02 AM) Concave_Earth: But they've been so earnest up until now that they might be serious (1:44:47 AM) Binary-2: If you don't log on next week we'll know you're dead (1:45:34 AM) Dissident: humor in a foreign land (1:45:37 AM) Dissident: always dangerous (1:45:54 AM) Gaiajack: you don't have another way to get through and apologize? (1:47:13 AM) lazer: send them a picture of you in sunglasses with a gun pointed at the camera. that should smooth things over (1:47:15 AM) Concave_Earth: wow unfriended (1:47:17 AM) Concave_Earth: that's so surreal
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