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  1. Wow, what a week. I was at a music festival on Friday & Saturday, which was pretty wild in itself. Might make another post about that. Had a bunch of AWESOME dates with this girl. Played magic by a waterfall, went to a black metal show, saw some music in a park & met her friends, and then a bottle of wine by a waterfall last night. Now I guess she's my girlfriend. Hell yes.
  2. You guys. I had a date with a girl last night. It went about as rad as possible. We walked around by a waterfall, and then she asked me to teach her to play Magic. Then we went back to my apartment and watched Adventure Time. Tonight we're going to a metal show. How is this real life?
  3. So I didn't have dreams for a long time, as a result of smoking a lot, which seems to stop me from dreaming or at least remembering dreams. Recently I started taking melatonin to help with sleeping / dreaming. Holy fuck. I've started having very vivid and intense dreams. Most of them are FUCKED UP though. I'm not sure if I mind. It's definitely interesting, even if it is a little stressful during the dream, especially because I'm not used to dreaming. A couple weeks ago I dreamed I was being chased by special forces guys for something. I was able to get away for a while, but I got trapped in a house and I think the dream ended when I got shot in the face. Last night I can remember more clearly. I have a date with a girl on Monday (IRL), so I can only assume the girl in my dream last night was supposed to be her, even if she didn't look quite right. Things were going pretty well (except we were in my parents house for some reason?) and I kissed her. But after that some other people showed up, and I had to kick them out of my house. Then dream girl started freaking the fuck out and would not stop screaming. So much screaming ;_; But yeah still a new and interesting experience.
  4. Happy birthday Jack. That is what I googled to find this.
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAZERDAN I got you a Dandy for Dan Day
  6. <Tai>I need to take out the trash, which you think would be easy <Tai>lol I used to not have a problem with that because my car was further than the dumpster <Tai>now its closer <Tai>so I have no reason to walk there now except to not live in my own filth <Tai>and that's no reason at all <Dissident>I like to let it pile up and get some character to it <nightredbot>what going to figure out how long time to be is a giant pile of biggest loser while you're at noon <Tai>man shut the fuck up nr <Tai>what do you know <Dissident>my trashcan is playing host to an impressive colony of mold <nightredbot>roasted chicken chips up after russia shut yo mouth ho <Tai>I ain't no ho nr <nightredbot>ho <Tai>fuck you <Dissident>told
  7. (3:25:40 PM) Gaiajack: nightred (3:25:41 PM) nightredbot: nightred activate sai genital entrapment device iro imo (3:25:56 PM) Gaiajack: oh shit shit shit when how do I turn that back off (3:26:00 PM) Gaiajack: I didn't mean to
  8. (11:45:39 AM) sai: time to cosplay as a gender bender ryuko and hang out at the BL section to pick up chicks (11:45:45 AM) sai: yeah, thats totally gonna work (11:45:50 AM) ***sai licks lips (11:46:24 AM) sai: i should try that, actually (11:46:33 AM) sai: the cosplay thing (11:46:42 AM) Dissident: just cosplay (11:46:43 AM) Dissident: fuck your mom (11:46:53 AM) sai: gross (11:47:01 AM) sai: didnt know you rolled that way diss (11:47:14 AM) Dissident: whatever siscon (11:47:22 AM) Tai_Workin: #rekt (11:47:22 AM) nightredbot: ur mum lel #rekt (11:47:27 AM) Tai_Workin: YOU TELL HIM NR (11:47:29 AM) nightredbot: i think nr (11:47:31 AM) sai: SHUT UP NR
  9. <Tai>hi <noelbot>hi dan <Tai>wrong noel <noelbot>i think a lot of aac or something wrong <sai>hi dan <Tai>>:( - lazer joined <lazer>man i got hard sidetracked outside while i was waiting for my computer to restart <lazer>laser pointer + puppies = instant hilarity <sai>hi tai <Tai>goddamnit
  10. <sai>great <sai>the first thing i try doing in this vn is slitting my wrists under a dead tree in a park in the winter at night next to a shrine <sai>>slit wrist <sai>"Oh... Crap." <lazer>thats an odd thing to have in something interactive <lazer>oh unless it accepts text input <sai>no im just clicking the screen <sai>by "I" i mean the main character <sai>>i didnt cut deep enough <sai>>lets try one more time <lazer>well thats unfortunate <sai>>fall down <Tasebot>im down the street <sai>>girl appears over me <sai>thats it <sai>im sold <Tasebot>thats what snake uses <sai>shes my waifu <Tasebot>shes fucking a black guy <lazer>damm tase ease up <sai>;___________;
  11. <Tai>alright dudes <Tai>it is the bedtimes <Tai>later <Tasebot>i'll take pix later dudes <Spit-take>night <Tasebot>ur smokin babe for a few hours last night come back sunday afternoon <Tai>no thx tasebot <sai>go sleep nuger <Spit-take>hahaha <Tai>tasebot stahp <Tasebot>tai is trying to blend in with us <Spit-take>wow <Tai>wtf tasebot <Tasebot>tai i never lie you piece of shit <Tai>WTF TASEBOT
  12. <Tasebot>she has to be up at the bar accused me of being adolf hitler <Tai>WOW TASEBOT<Tasebot>tai not now you fuck<Tai>tasebot is at the bar trying to score<Tasebot>tai<Tai>tasebot<Tasebot>tai<Tai>tasebot<Tasebot>tai<Tai>tasebot<Tasebot>say hello, tasebot<Tai>hello tasebot<Tasebot>tai make love to me
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