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  1. Ikaeru

    Build Thread

    Very cool. You'll have to tell us how it goes. Also, I approve of the flag it's flying. :P
  2. Because productivity demands working even if you feel like pooooo, I made two of the far more simple enemies from MML today. and
  3. Hilariously, cleaning that up would require adding more data. Because this is done in mapping out coordinates in java-code, the mass of surfaces in the crown is just the result of the 4 rectangular blocks overlapping. If minecraft worked on more conventional 3D logic, I could probably save space doing that. Unfortunately, I cannot. Also, I have a massive migraine today, but I still wanted to make something, so here's one of the super basic enemies from that game:
  4. So, I'm not actually necessarily very artistically inclined, but I keep hammering at it both in digital and traditional works. My recent occupation has been making java-compatible models for minecraft and the textures for the same. Today, I spent 3.5 hours on this thing: It's a Horokko Reaverbot from Megaman Legends, made out of 12 rectangular prisims and a 79kilobyte texture file, portable directly into java for slapping into minecraft. It wouldn't -do- anything of course, but it'd sit there and look nice. I can't actually program stuff for the game yet. I'm pretty friggin' happy with it, because it's my second 3D model ever. :P
  5. Many thinks. I'll yield, I have 0 experince with eggplant. I have never even eaten it before, so I honestly don't know what it's like. And I agree with the brining. If nothing else, I can brine in something akin to soy-sauce and a very, very, very low concentration of vinegar to make it taste more like the final expected sushi flavor.
  6. So, I am stuck in the middle of the ungreat American nation, landlocked on all sides, and at least a mile away from the coast on all sides. Fresh fish is difficult to get. Fish fresh enough for sushi is even harder to find. Both of these are ungodly expensive, especially when you're poor like me. Yet, I really friggin' like sushi and would like some. Also I have a buncha' vegetarian friends, so vegetarian sushi would be cool, for both vegetarian-ness and also on account of not being a pain in the ass. Recently, in picking through the vegetables from some miso-soup I made, the boiled/soaked/refrigerated/reheated/left out to cool carrots left over after I drank most of the broth were just sitting there, so I decided to nibble on them, and the thoguht occured to me--the texture was kinda' like that of fish. Kinda'. Maybe. If I'm Muppet Babying it up a bit. So I kinda' tripped and fell into a vaugely-feasible quest to create fake/vegetarian sushi... and I'm looking for help, opinions, ideas. Below are a few of the ideas I have, and I'm looking for opinions/alternate suggestions. Possibly thoughts on how to make some of these things more fish-like. 1. Boiled carrots. Just that. Chilled and then treated in every way like fish. Not very fancy, but maybe it'd work, with a little bit of soy sauce and some spicy mayo. Spicy not-tuna rolls, or something. 2. Boiled carrots/similar vegetable, sliced into strips and arranged a few millimiters apart in a container, then coated in un-set gelatin-substitute (probably derived from seaweed, actually,) then left to chill and set. The loaf would then be removed and sliced into little fillets, and used in place of sashimi. 3. Mushrooms. Sufficiently meaty; could work well when cooked and cooled. Used in place of sashimi. 4. Somebody suggested sweet potatoes, and I don't know? 5. Stick some things in a blender, form them into appropriately-sized pieces, do something with them? 6. Babies are vegetarian, right? 7. Yeah, I'm out other thoughts, presently.
  7. I am also ressurecting the dead here.
  8. Then I lost my keys. I demand to be restored to my former glory. I cite the names SuperMehtroid'sDjinni, Ridien, whoever was behind that boospook guy, Kaizer Xi, Hiroshi Mishima, Squiggly (Squiggy?) Lady Icy, Nasty Sputnik, Dank Clown, and Dissident. Regardless, 'sup, jerks? It's been a while.
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