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  1. Finally done with living in the Sierra Nevadas for the summer and back in my apartment. Feels really great to be back and sleeping in my bed with my wife. Things had been getting rough at the end (apparently one person working 15 hour days alone in the middle of nowhere while the other person parties and sleeps with other people --> jealousy) but I feel instantly better now that I'm back.
  2. I have always disdained instagram but goddamn if I don't want to masturbate to myself in this picture
  3. Happy birthday, I hope you have lived this last year to its fullest, YOLO
  4. Had my dick sucked by 3 dudes Saturday night, went to Pride Sunday, watched my wife have sex with another woman both Sat & Sun Pretty gay weekend here too
  5. Whoa, feedback. Thanks for the praise guys. I know it's filled with grammar and spelling errors--I proofread it once when I reread it before finishing the last chapter, and tried to fix those I saw, but that's literally the only time it's been proofread. I fixed some of the more egregious bad phrasings and language use but I know there are still a lot in there. If I was going to publish it, it would definitely need a few more rewrites... But I'm not really interested in publishing it. My writing style now is much more akin to romanticism and verse (see the last chapter) and while I'm certainly proud of what I did at the time much of the book just isn't my thing anymore. I think there are also way too many gimmicky elements to the story, which is the natural result of it originally being conceived as an excuse for me to write a bunch of fight scenes centered around certain weapons (e.g. the dress, the rose sword, and the wind control). If I was going to put serious time into writing again I would want to write a different story. Fun fact: I actually gave a reading of a passage from this (an edited version of Nameless's exposition on whether we can trust evolution to instill us with right ethics) at a "performance party" last night where everyone had to give some sort of performance.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YFC0O393DQ
  7. Poly theoretically, but right now we're starting more swinger-y in practices. We're really interested in close friends that we can also sleep with. We're starting mostly with couples and group sex because we both agree this is the least likely to trigger and jealousy. We plan to move into open, independent dating as we're sure we're ready.
  8. I think its less "luck" and more "living in SF." Noodles: I didn't bring it up to her at any time. We had talked a few times about the possibility of a threesome. She was grinding with a friend of hers one night and later mentioned that she had really wanted to sleep with her that night, which kind of furthered the conversation. Then she read "Sex at Dawn" (I got it for her for Christmas after we had read about it and she expressed interest) and became convinced humans are not naturally monogamous. We've been trying to seduce other couples ever since. Jealousy: not really. We're very close and trust eachother a lot, and neither of us really cares about fidelity. We're partners, and that includes partners in doin' people. I thought it was really hot actually. Orgy for us: drunk, 4 girls and 3 guys, all having sex in a pile on the floor.
  9. Speaking of which: had an orgy last night. holy fucking shit Never going back to monogamy.
  10. 1) Shave your head bald 2) Thick-framed dark hipster glasses 3) Bitches everywhere
  11. Why would anyone use Instagram. Seriously, I don't understand why this shit is popular. It's mass-produced faux-vintage. Everyone KNOWS its mass-produced faux-vintage. There's nothing "cool" about faking "cool vintage;" the hipsters should know its too mainstream, and the rest of the people should be disdaining it for hipster tripe. Wtf.
  12. First date went well! That was some fun times. OK Cupid is pretty amazing, we haven't clicked we other people that easily in ages. Still have no idea what I'm doing. It hasn't really clicked that I can actually hit on other people. There's some part of my brain that's been dormant on that front for too long.
  13. Definitely going to try to go poly. That sort of multiple-relationships mode appeals to me more than just random hook-ups. I've been swaying that way ever since I read Stranger in a Strange Land.
  14. ...What Edit: assuming you mean "what do you mean by opening up" we're going to start by dating/playing with other couples and if that goes well and doesn't trigger jealous move into relationships with them and then full-blown polyamory with non-couple dating acceptable.
  15. kr please its your special day bud come back
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