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  1. turns out there's some country music out there that's not shit:
  2. turns out it's dead after all
  3. finally caved (partially because of the grown-ass man salary I'm finally making) and bought dat Halo 5 xbone bundle goddamn if this isn't the sexiest VCR I've ever seen
  4. Been listening to Monuments a lot lately, I feel Tai will especially appreciate this:
  5. Some of you will have seen this on the facesbooks already but I got hired for a software development/integration traineeship at a company that specialises in custom software solutions based on Microsoft tech (asp.net, c# etc) the company's extremely chill, everyone's on first-name basis with everyone including the CEO, and they're still top scoring Microsoft partner and have won the dutch employer of the year award 5 or so timies in the past decade, benefits are fantastic the only con is that the work ultrabook is a dell latitude e7450 I mean it's a fantastic machine but I was hoping to get in on sum o dat Surface Pro action because those things look fancy as hell
  6. completely forgot about this place forever, good to see everyone's going places and getting their life together and everything. me, I recently graduated university and am now taking a short course in database management (SQL, PL/SQL, database modelling through entity relationship diagrams, etc) which is tons of fun
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WwrYcqGKpg never really did outgrow that metalfag phase
  8. oh yeah forgot to mention this to you guys, passed my driving exam last week, on the first attempt and the passing rates on first exams in my country are really fucking low and by really fucking low I mean less than a third in the city I had my exam in
  9. Robicide


    well yes the thread is called "vanity" isn't it, not "looking good by accident" photographer friend of mine got a new lens for his camera he really really wanted to try out
  10. Robicide


    So this happened today
  11. Robicide


    did someone say beard
  12. Metric shitloads of delicious food, as always
  13. An audio book read by David Tennant. Brilliant.
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