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  1. Toki: Nr administer forty lashings to Jack nightredbot: hot chocolate with lashings of fresh cream on top Toki: Let this be a lesson to you Jack gaiajack: thanks nr nightredbot: thanks for the vid
  2. lazerdx: nr give us our book list for 2019 nightredbot: apparently server 2019 is out lazerdx: you want us to read microsoft documentation nr? nightredbot: take a bong hit and read some documentation lazerdx: well uh, okay lazerdx becomes tai
  3. Cruise Elroy: Having somebody to be accountable to is wack Cruise Elroy: All this beer talk gave me a hankering for some, but I can't just get up and go to 7-11 anymore without a million questions Cruise Elroy: "Don't do that, you're trying to lose weight remember?" Cruise Elroy: grumble grumble YEAH, WELL Shrimp_Rider: WELL Shrimp_Rider: What if I wanna be a big boy Dissident: then you say "yes dear" and stay home because you care about your health and the mutual accountability necessary for a strong relationship Cruise Elroy: Which is, as previously established, wack Dissident: very
  4. Make_Anime_80s_Again: Make_Anime_80s_Again: tf is this? jamin1231: Yeah wtf @Make_Anime_80s_Again jamin1231: Saw that in the story the other day jamin1231: They gonna make a PBR hard too? jamin1231: HIGH calorie jamin1231: PBR is already easy nigga
  5. [9:47 PM] Timurleng: my friend who never went to school for SE is potentially getting offered a $130k job in nyc [9:47 PM] Timurleng: just from a few years experience working at a place here .... [9:49 PM] Make_Anime_80s_Again: $130k in NYC? [9:49 PM] lazerdx: also yeah that's probably not enough lol [9:49 PM] Make_Anime_80s_Again: What, is he going to live in the back of a chinese restaurant? [9:49 PM] lazerdx: broom closet incoming [9:49 PM] lazerdx: nah you could probably live in some parts of nyc on that income just fine [9:50 PM] lazerdx: they just might be really ethnic or far the fuck away from your job or stinky [9:50 PM] Make_Anime_80s_Again: lol [9:50 PM] lazerdx: or in queens [9:50 PM] lazerdx shudder [9:50 PM] Make_Anime_80s_Again: perfect apartment, great neighbors, but the apartment is inexplicably stinky [9:51 PM] lazerdx: "i can't tell if it's the pile of garbage sitting on the street under my window or slimer at it again" [9:51 PM] Make_Anime_80s_Again green gas shooting from air vents [9:51 PM] Make_Anime_80s_Again: This is what your friend is up against, tai
  6. ritalin made me want to explode, benzos made me want my autonomy back, just never really took a pill recreationally and enjoyed it didn't like cock much either tho love this guy, hs so sweet in person... wudv never thot hd b in porn tho er coke that's stayin' in! but still a valid statement * Cruise_Elroy has changed the topic to: [+nt] RIP PJ 1989 - 209X | didn't like cock much either tho | i want to wreck christmas, not ruin it | very friendly reboot of genghis khan killed diss | dicks fall, dissident dies | dissident died for my dong | thoughts are born everday ;_; t-thanks
  7. like i said the big thing will be overhead for long term support yeah you probably won't beat entrenched pos systems unless you make something your average poorly paid indian can remote troubleshoot which is where remote support helps keep that team small well if you ever need employees after you get something working god knows you can source them in spades right here absolutely i just absolutely love black cocks! well then that's a conversation capper if i've seen one
  8. and the new trilogy should have been about jaina and jacen I'm still sour about that nahhhhhhhhhh I'm firmly in the camp of wiping away most of the expanded universe 30 years of cruft built up, it was getting silly I still hope we see some boba fett sarlaac escape, but less after the solo trailer I don't think a boba movie will work unless they ditch the light tone boba eats out chewie's sarlac pit or do that
  9. nr make rob a cappucino buy one and rename the tag to al cappucino nr your laziness is getting out of hand evolution has favored laziness can't argue with that
  10. Hey Ben! It's funny, I was just going through some old users the other day and put you firmly in the "We'll probably never see that guy again" pile. Glad to see you stopped by. Come join us in the IRC channel, it's where all of the activity is these days. or the Discord, if you've got that
  11. Relistening to this album and somehow missed this the first time.
  12. Listening to The Monster Fuck pts 6 and 7 on Comedy Bang Bang this week led me down a spooky corner of Youtube. Apparently the writer of the Monster Mash spent the rest of his life trying to capitalize on the fame of the original song without much success. This is so great though; I can't believe I never heard it on the radio around this time of year.
  13. oh are we switching networks for real? unless you're tied to #xkcd here I don't see why not okay then what problems have we had other than the occasional bot though? ow.. what a fuck is out of the bot This network is useless and it's remotely possible that it might get worse. If this is really the long-term resting site for PJ it'd be best to have access to chanserv how do we make sure we don't end up opless like we have now op the regulars give ops to nr who will act responsibly at all times in accordance with his programming drink responsibly see, model citizen alright, all good ideas
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