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  1. I, for one, don't find this topic very punny HAPPY TIE DAY
  2. Excuse me I take this topic very seriously (also happy birthday noodles, if you're around)
  3. Nice out? Today was so windy it kept blowing my work hat off causing me to chase after it, blowing my work receipts around, and a gust even swung the door open so hard it broke it. I haven't hated the wind this much since the days of playing basketball outside
  4. [media='']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCc8OQZCQbo[/media]
  5. Yeah Jack, experience is experience. You're already doing something good for her by going through this adventure with her. So even if you feel like the end of the road will be heartbreak, the best thing you can do is stop thinking negative and try to give her positive experiences. Honestly, even negative experiences can help people, so even if it does end in heartbreak you're still doing her a favor. Because you'll help her mature and be more understanding for her next relationship. (except you'll probably be just fine and date her for a long time) Anyway, life's been weird and more trippy than ever before since I'm learning so much about the nature of everything in biochemistry and genetics. Those classes, especially when you add them to psychology and sociology, just make everything in the world make so much fucking sense. And inevitably, almost a scary amount of sense. Right now, the bulk of our biochemistry capabilities are roughly as good as you are with a car. You know how to drive it and operate some parts of it, maybe change tires and stuff, but we're no mechanics. Our labs just don't have the extensive experience to be that yet. But eventually humans will be at the mechanic level and shit will get crazy. I'm convinced that someday humans will start tweaking their DNA for useful additions like nightvision, better healing, and maybe even second thumbs, because those things aren't even very hard to do -- but DNA manipulation stuff will have to start in other, poorer countries and first world countries won't try it until they see it successfully implemented in the third/second world. But it will happen eventually. Okay back to Halo 4 and dungeon defender
  6. I cover my face with my shirt and duck until it rolls through
  7. (( What are you talking about? I have a level 1 spell slot to spend, and the only components for Cause Fear are somatic and verbal. I can move my hand and I can talk so I don't see why I can't cast it. I know there are additional components for stuff like Fireball but if you're adding something for Cause Fear, what is it? I assume my character would have experience with them before and would know )) Since I apparently can't be a cleric right now, I'll just meditate and prepare to make a break for it when we're released
  8. The elf cleric stands admiring the dark and deadened trees surrounding us. "You, harlot," the elf begins, speaking toward the elven witch, "what can you do to improve our situation? I hardly think slime is of use to us, my dear." As he speaks he extends a hand and casts Cause Fear upon the horse drawing our wagon (edit - realized I casted too many level 1 spells)
  9. All movies definitely depend on your expectations when you go see them. I went in hoping to see a genuine portrayal of all the Avengers that wasn't fucked up or diluted, watch them kick some ass in unison, see their strengths and weaknesses play out, and maybe see some cool plot to string it all together. I was not disappointed. But if you were expected something super original, hahahaha no. Although I thought the Captain-America-being-old jokes were pretty fresh, and playful Hulk will never be forgotten But I think the hype is just that its amazing to see that much star power and superhero power all packed into one movie.
  10. cool simple setup brah 1. Elf 2. Practicing an unsanctioned religion 3. STR - 15 DEX - 14 INT - 13 WIS - 18 CON - 12 CHA - 10 4. Extreme religious evangelist and fanatic. Yearns to save souls, convert the evil, and slay the vermin of the earth. Also believes in trickle-down economics.
  11. Shroomy

    PJ D&D Poast

    nah don't touch mah material I'd play if someone else DMs tho
  12. Cousin had a baby today, named him Landon. I am now an uncle. God this month has been crazy. edit: I guess technically he's my cousin once removed and not my nephew?
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