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  1. Sup fags. I'm alive, dunno about you guys. First half of the summer I worked for Atlus, did testing for a game called Etrian Odyssey Untold. Not only was working on that game a dream come true, it's also a great game and you all should try the demo if you haven't. Then I went to Ireland. It was a significant enough experience for me to consider post-Ireland a different chapter of my life. Right now I have no work until like December at the soonest (unless i find a new job), I can't afford school, and my car is inoperable. But I'm doing tabletop games three times a week (running it on mondays) to keep sane.
  2. yes as in fatlus which is funny since so many people who work there are like athletic also no
  3. [12:59:44 PM] Eric Sepulveda: Last thing we heard was you had trouble with the law and some crazy chick you guys have no sense of time. jesus. that was on old pj. i was 18. i hadn't been around recently because of depression and wanting to cut down things that would distract me from moving forward in life. I did, and now I work for Atlus. My project is over now though and I have a lot of free time. sup
  4. bixnoodles: i met another person kinda like that bixnoodles: like bixnoodles: she was like 15 or 16 at the time and she was like bixnoodles: begging for me to drive out to where she lived and fuck her bixnoodles: and then i found out her ex was in prison because when he told her he didnt want to be her bf she called the cops and said he raped her Oki: Yo Oki: That ownz bixnoodles: also that she had been institutionalized for trying to murder someone bixnoodles: so i didnt hit it Oki: I would have Oki: I would have punched her right in the jaw
  5. I no longer want to die! Therapy and medication must be working! Or things just got better on their own!!! Oh well hi pj how are you
  6. hahahahahahahahahdjhdkillme
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