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  1. Way of the Mountain (this is the acoustic version of all the rhythms of the songs, jsut to get a sense of what they sound like complete and so my drummer can practice all the tempo changes.) Genre: proabbly nu metal, as much as I hate to say. My other stuff is on soundcloud, mostly soundtracks for DGT (chiptune, ambient, some DnB, synth stuff). wot u think?
  2. I had a dream I played Half Life 3. All I can remember is a short segment where you went in low earth orbit to collect colorful spheres that gave off nebula-like trails of multicolored dust. When I landed, somehow the combine exterminated the entire human population and I saw the bodies of all the main characters, it had a really serious tone to it. Then that thing happened where the last thing you feel in a dream sticks with you for a few hours after you wake up, which always feels weird
  3. Hey everybody! I've been on hiatus over the last few months.. Did anyone notice? ... ... Anyway, I graduated from college. It was hell, I had 5 classes and a co-op this semester, but I pulled through. All the while I had a list building up of projects and maintenance which can now be addressed. Freedom! Time to apply to every video production place I can think of...
  4. http://vimeo.com/120585298 IM A REAL VAPORWAVE NOW!!! HEAR THAT MUSIC?? THAT ME
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnMvj0MG6TQ
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdhGFZ_h6ZM It’s finally here! And just in time for the holidays. There were probably over 100 hours put into this. I hear stories of people making these incredibly intricate YTPs with a hundred layered effects and renders-on-renders in 2 days, and I just don’t see how that’s possible. The last few days I was working on this OVER 12 hours a day. Maybe I’m just not as creative, Eh? I’ve said before that Star Trek is hard to poop because it’s all dialogue based (and 99% of the footage is the top halves of characters). This is definitely a lot slower and plot-oriented than most, and I’m not even sure if I’m still in the realm of YTP or crossing the threshold into standard edits/parodies.
  7. Considering my parents recent separation, I really expected this christmas to be awkward and maybe even kinda tense, however it turned out to be kind of the opposite; I spent 3 days in our cabin with my motherand just messing with all the cool stuff out there. It was mostly relaxed and I had a pretty fun time all around watching movies, repairing all the old hand me down axes and tools, and chopping wood outside to make some staffs for my roommates. I was able to gift some good things for both of them, and I received one hell of a gift.. So yeah it didn't really turn out all that bad.
  8. Holy shit guys I've been here a decade You are my internet family and I love you all. Even if we did just come down to 10 people in IRC
  9. S' been a while, I might as well post to try and desperately keep the board breathing. Lets see. In the past month... -I've tried to get an internship but my GPA wasn't high enough (2.55, needed 2.75), so I have to have a co-op(paid) position instead. A really great place called Zone CG (lol) wanted to hire me on, and loved me in the interview, but I couldn't convince them to pay me anything. I emphasized that the money wasn't important and I don't care what they paid me; I would even give it back if they wanted. But in the end the administration wouldn't budge and instead I took another position at the local hospital. In their application, they listed that I had to know how to shoot video with an iPhone and edit in iMovie. It should be obvious but that is laughably simple and it wouldnt take me any effort at all. I wanted a challenging place that could help me hone my skills (Zone appeared to be the best in Cinicnnati) but I guess that's not happenin'. Well they weren't paid either. so I couldn't go to them. You see the problem? So now I found a THIRD place. they are finally paying me. I still doubt I'll be able to graduate on time though. -Met a girl on tinder (I was on tinder for like 4 days before I met her and deleted it), she's really nice but wasn't artistic at all, totally a dealbreaker for me, I broke it off before it even started, really. Didn't want to go with something just because and deal with a breakup later. -Started looking at properties with my dad. The way it seems now I'll live wherever he moves after we move out of our old family house I'll probably live there for a few years while I solidify my career and find a place of my own. There was this cool building that was an old lawyer office, its basically 2 apartments and offices put together. the other ones were townhouses, and in a cruel twist of irony across the street form the old catholic school I went to and got removed from in 2004. From where my entertainment room would be I can see into the classroom where the worst experience of my life was. So obv I'm not into that property. Hopefully we'll look at some more places in the next few weeks.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guGAfggANuU cry evertim
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