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  1. Got a WiiU. Refurbished model from Gamestop, picked it up with Smash Bros. a Gamecube controller adapter, and Twilight Princess HD. If anybody still gives a shit about WiiU, my NNID is BaronObvious
  2. Bought a Steam Controller yesterday. Confusing as all hell at first but I'm growing to love it. It's taking a while to get used to but holy damn the configuration on this is extensive. My only complaint is that you HAVE to be in Big Picture mode to get the full benefits like customizing the layouts for every game. I've tried it with Saints Row IV, Another Metroid 2 Remake's latest demo, and Skullgirls. Works wonderfully in all of them, though in Saint's Row it's taking a little while getting used to having a camera as fast as a mouse on a gamepad. I'm reinstalling Skyrim as well to see how well that plays.
  3. So guys I'm not a virgin anymore. I was out camping at my Belegarth realm's annual fighting event (Which was awesome in its own right), and a girl I know from around San Jose was there. I've known her for two years and she had a relationship before, but this time meeting up happened to be single. We camped together, eventually started flirting, and late at night we made our way back to my tent... and made my night amazing. The second night, we did it again, and she also stayed the night in my tent with me. According to her, I was actually really good for it being my first time. Probably shouldn't go into specific detail, I dunno. I'm feeling really good about myself now. I think I've learned a bit more about myself, what I like (and what women like), and also I got to spend a weekend with a beautiful woman that also hits people with foam swords.
  4. New computer! Built with my cousin. No pictures yet but here's the guts: Case: NZXT Phantom 410, reused from friend's old computer Power supply: Arctic 700w, reused from friend's old computer Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming-7 CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K, quad-core 3.4GHz RAM: 16GB DDR3 Graphics: eVGA, nVidia GTX 750Ti 2GB Main Drive: Samsung 840 Evo SSD Secondary Drive: Seagate Barracuda 2TB drive, originally used in my old computer OS: Windows 7 x64 Home Premium. Haven't tried any games or other intensive software yet but holy shit. I knew SSD's were fast, but I didn't think it would reach the login screen in under ten seconds after turning the thing on.
  5. I have some good news for once! My grandpa has decided that with the rough run of luck I've had in the past year, that he'd like to do something for me to cheer me up and perhaps encourage me to do more with my graphic design stuff. So, he's asked my cousin Greg to help me put together a new computer. Like, a really nice new computer. I didn't find this out until yesterday when Greg surprised me with the news in a message on Facebook. I still have a couple years-old gaming computer i bought from my asshole friend Dan last year, and I took it over to Greg's house today to see if we could get it working. As it turns out, the motherboard is the main problem with it, but the graphics card's fan no longer works (it's a GTX 550 Ti but made by some company called Sparkle. Never heard of them) and possibly the hard drive (but Greg is currently checking for problems on that). So what we're doing is saving the case (it's a nice mid-tower) and the power supply (700W) and getting a new motherboard, hard drive, CPU, graphics card and RAM... basically building a whole new computer in the old case. He'll be running it all by Grandpa tomorrow at work, and if/when he approves the budget, Greg will order the parts, and then he and I will assemble the computer. Edit: Grandpa approved, and Greg ordered the parts yesterday and are due to arrive next week. I am just too excited to build this thing!
  6. Surgery went well, they released me from the hospital about 8am today! I've been playing video games and browsing the web all day. Like normal basically, only more justified because I can't drive or ride my bike for a while. Doctor's orders are that I can't drive for ten days, no lifting heavier than 15 pounds, and no significant exercise for three to four weeks. also when the incision on my neck heals I'm totally going to buy some body paint and draw faces out of the scar
  7. WELL SO MUCH FOR THAT YOGURT SHOP JOB, I went in and they told me they've now finished hiring for the summer. And then my day goes from bad to worse! I get a call from a friend of mine who spent the night at my cousin's house, saying that my cousin snapped and assaulted him, tried to hold him and keep him from leaving (after telling him to leave), and threatening to kill him. When my friend managed to get away, they (another cousin of mine was visiting) tried to chase him down in a car. He managed to get out of the neighborhood and I came and picked him up. My cousin claims that my friend assaulted him and threatened to break stuff. The other cousin just blindly followed the first. Both cousins were apparently high at the time, and I should note that the one that snapped has some serious mental stability issues (diagnosed bipolar, schizophrenic, juggalo, among other things) but has been off of his meds for about three months now (claiming they're messing up his liver, but he also drinks a lot of alcohol so take that as you will). Just... what the fuck. Seriously why the fuck does the worst shit all happen nearly at once?
  8. My endocrinologist assures me that of all the cancers one COULD get, thyroid is easily one of the least worrisome or deadly. She's far more worried about my diabetes than my thyroid, but it is something best dealt with as soon as possible. And I think if she hadn't told me that, and just let me think of it purely as cancer rather than really-minor-not-the-biggest-issue cancer, I'd probably be taking it a lot differently. I'm really hoping I get the job at the yogurt shop. It's looking likely, but I know not to keep my hopes up too high. It would just be nice for once to have something good happen and stay that way, it seems the past year or so has been almost nothing but shit, crap, and sore luck.
  9. In less than a week (next Wednesday to be precise) I'm going in for surgery to remove my thyroid gland. Found out a few weeks ago that I have a nodule on it that is cancerous, and the only way to make sure that all of the cancerous parts are gone is to remove the whole gland. As much as it sucks, I feel like I'm not nearly as depressed over it as I could be. The way I see it, even if I try, I can't think of any other option but to accept it and go through with all this. I'll be on thyroid medication for the rest of my life to make up for no longer having the gland, but it's just a once-daily pill. But in good news, I may have a job soon with a local frozen yogurt shop! I've been following up repeatedly, finally got an interview thursday last week, and I followed up on that again yesterday but the owner wasn't there. He will be on Sunday and Monday though, so I'll be checking in then.
  10. Prado Regional Park. Nice camping park with big open fields, perfect for big battles. And I wouldn't know the suckiness of Chino proper, as I've really ONLY visited Chino at that park. Fresno sure sucks balls, I know that much.
  11. Man Ben I was JUST thinking about you the other day, thinking about who I haven't seen on here in forever, and BAM here you are. Sup? In other news I'm excited for a Belegarth event coming up this week. It's at a camping park in Chino, near LA. I remember at least one of you guys lived somewhere in or around LA but fuck if I remember who. I won't be able to leave the park though since I'm not driving. But if any of you ever wanted to actually hang out, and don't mind seeing people dressed up and smacking each other with padded weapons, that would be awesome.
  12. I just found out about a week or so ago that my job is "most likely" only seasonal. The girl who hired me forgot to tell me this originally, and I only found out when I did because I asked. So knowing I won't probably be employed much longer is kinda depressing. Feelings of loneliness are kicking in again too, so the past few days have been kinda miserable. Oh and I got a bad cold to boot, fun times right
  13. Haven't felt much urge to post about it, but here's an update. I got a job late last month out of the blue. I was on my way to my grandparent's house to clean the pool and I got a call from Kwirkworld (sells funny gag stuff, novelties, and clothing) saying they wanted to hire me! I'd been following up every week for a while to get updates on hiring, but eventually they told me they weren't going to have any openings. But now, somebody had quit for school so they had an opening. I started that same day, and I'm getting my second paycheck today. I'm really glad I got this job, I'd been feeling absolutely terrible. It's been a huge boost to my mood and self esteem. I still feel kinda crap sometimes but at least I don't have quite as much weighing down on me. I got some early birthday money from my grandparents to get a pair of boots for Belegarth, some nice dark leather wellingtons which are supposed to arrive some time today. It's also looking like I may be able to go to a Belegarth event in Chino next month, which is great because I missed it last year. In short, feeling a TON better having a job.
  14. I'm not exactly in the greatest state of mind either. I'm starting to get my diabetes under control, but it's still depressing knowing I'm stuck with it for the rest of my life. I can't find a new job, and the work I'm trained for has virtually no demand where I live. My former roommates booted me out when the first lease expired, I think they're trying to keep me from getting my deposit back, and I have a feeling that somebody took the keys I had to help with that. I'm living with my mom again and whenever I try to bring up any issues I'm having with myself it seems like she tries to change the subject and dodge what I'm trying to convey or ignore it completely. My biggest passion is drawing comics, and I haven't done anything of the sort since... I can't remember when. My haunted house, one of the best things to ever happen to me, didn't even try to run this year (after dropping at the last minute last year), so I didn't even have that to keep my spirits up. After losing 100 pounds since last November, I've gained about 30 back in the past couple months largely in part due to overeating as a coping mechanism for how shit I've been feeling lately, and I find myself trying to justify it by saying "at least it isn't alcohol." It's been about a year now since everything started to look up for me, but now I'm right back where I started, feeling like I've given up on everything because everything's given up on me. I feel bad even for typing all this, but I need to vent SOMEWHERE.
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