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  1. Mere hours after nr was added to the Discord: gaiajack: nr what do you think of the government shutdown nightredbot: at 0700 hours tomorrow morning my shutdown disc will be activated and all mental and physical operations will cease. Cruise Elroy: Well shit. That didn't last long. The Golden Eel: Bye bye nr nightredbot: bye now.
  2. oh yeah I got the olde nr software running on windows, just needed to drop POSIX sockets posix is just full of dead animals bwahaha lol nr posix house redoran is the only certified posix os that anyone really uses these days. everything else is a pass
  3. burgers, pizza, thai food, funnel cake, free as in beer beer holy pussy burgers, nice labias Anywho, how's everyone lately? pretty swell Is your new name any indication of recent events diss just one of nr's recent gems naked and screaming why are they always screaming like wild animals when they cum? holy shit it's worth fifty thousand. the jewels and gems shopping network said so. I believe you nr wow i cant believe it harhar shesss sooo errrr he burns out real easy though you can't force genius nr cum i would also cum in her nose lmao I lied haha
  4. now get out of my boardroom you shameless sack of human waste NEVER — lazer depresses hidden button beneath desk top — lazer dave's chair falls into the abyss — lazer flames shoot out BRING ME PED A BOARD CHAIR HAS OPENED g-go go t-tasebot helicopter! go deadlift right now n-no tasebot! fuuuucucckkk
  5. This album is just a collection of beats built around the gimmick of using samples from Ocarina of Time, but it's fairly enjoyable. I love the weird and distorted vocal sample in this song, which someone said could be Vietnamese in a comment.
  6. I love the first 90 seconds of the second song, but the rest of it is trash. I'm furious.
  7. The first couple of minutes are required watching (I love the title theme), then skip to 10:40. More info: http://retrovania-vgjunk.blogspot.com/2015/08/the-trivia-monster-commodore-64.html
  8. maybe hell is just having to eat your pussy till it's soaking wet it getting it ready to take us some time to get back to the jurassic era, maybe maybe nr, maybe well, maybe that's enough computer time. it's been about fifteen fuckin' years since i had a house to clean and a family to support and people to dismember.
  9. nr vhdl try some relaxing herbal tea... that sounds like a good idea nr and you have no fucking idea why i'm angry? no nr I do not our tricorder readings found no trace of my money. oh wow irma is back to cat 4 Hopefully the warm bathwater of the gulf doesn't help it sustain energy It was like warm soup last time I went to the beach. I wonder it'll probably lose rain over land quicker than it gains it back from the water if it's half on half off but it certainly won't help things the charts show nothing of consequence, certainly nothing to be alarmed about. I agree nr, nothing to see here totally agree cool can I just copy that to my entire extended family. Only got yelled at like, twice " "because noboby likes you!" yelled a ludicrous girl in the industry will be there, but my coworkers do we should smoke a pussy so sweet....such a little treat...let me open you up. ... jesus Antitasebot chim_allen runs out, pours another 40 on tasebot I wouldn't waste a drop of beer on you Antitasebot
  10. In order, he's going to learn: bee movie, evangelion, morrowind, pokemon red, trump, you porn, wind waker. Once he's done (and if he doesn't crash) I'll start loading his old database. nr honesco perhaps that is why i spend so much time over at thongar's, shotherra, she is rather aloof. He needs two occurrences of a word before starting to use it (and he doesn't learn sentences containing his name). Turns out there's only one occurence of the word honesco in the bee movie. nr honesco welcome to honex, a division of honesco and a part of the vvardenfell community because of the second impact. wow, what a crossover are you implying that i'm not trying to stir up any shit. anyone give permission for all of our crops to be sprayed with poison arrows first tho i have witnessed what that poison does to people. crops don't grow. if you two have infused vodka into tasebot's code oh, my god, what'd you do to tasebot's lines.txt do that for a refresher great tip antitasebot that was great though shut the fuck up antitasebot never make bets with god
  11. PJ kind of never dies and the chat never dies a little more but zebeth actually never dies.
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