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  1. Allright, finished those two shows, time for Kaiji I've already seen it a few years ago but it's one of the most suspenseful shows I've ever experienced.
  2. I was there at AGDQ 2014 when over the microphone someone annouced a "Kabutroid" had donated money. Maybe that's why I'm here now?
  3. I watch about forty hours a week of tv, half of it the simpsons and the other half various japanese cartoons. Lately I've been rewatching a few nostalgic shows from my childhood. I'm up to episode 100 of Yu Yu hakusho and I'm on episode 268 of One Piece.
  4. I keep forgetting this place exists for months and months at a time.
  5. I'm mostly interested in the chat, but I go way back in PJ Just goes to show you never truly leave, you always return. What is it about this place!?
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