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  1. I like listening to this when getting to the mystery bits of Astroneer.
  2. I haven't listened to any real music since Tame Impala put out lonerism. I guess I should get looking again before I listen to nothing but video game music again.
  3. Binary-2


    I got shadey things.
  4. In a chat that frequents about 20 people or so: [23:16] * skinnyb (~skinnyb@Rizon-BA0224F7.ed.shawcable.net) has joined #thebackalleys [23:16] <+wwchicken> yo skinny b [23:16] <+wwchicken> ive seen you before [23:16] <salck> in #gay [23:16] <+wwchicken> yea [23:17] * Barkeep (~poly@Rizon-DA158D1D.adamhelp.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [23:17] <skinnyb> yeah.. havent been on irc for about 7 years so just browsing [23:20] <+wwchicken> browsing [23:21] <+wwchicken> for dick [23:21] <+Binary_2> Don't worry [23:21] <+Binary_2> we all love dick here too [23:21] <+Binary_2> Chicken's the owner of gay [23:21] <skinnyb> more looking for long term humiliation dom :) [23:21] <salck> you've come to the right place [23:21] <+wwchicken> binary is the intentor of gay [23:21] <salck> have you ever heard of [23:21] <salck> public humiliation [23:24] <skinnyb> I’m a 45 bi male switch into orders, humiliation, sexy clothes, masturbation control, and other creative play. Not into anal. Looking for a long term dom into humiliating me privately on cam. I like how thebackalleys is also the first result for "super incest" on google too.
  5. lol only like 11 days and 1 hour. I've been pretty bored this past winter.
  6. I'm pretty down for this since all my classes end tomorrow(today). Making a google event/calendar whatever will probably be for the best, providing google changes the time to match everyone's time zone.
  7. Signed up for some more classes this year, missed the registration date by a few days because the college has a habit of not announcing it and now two of my classes are wait-listed. Onwards to 2014.
  8. We miss your trombone(ing) adventures Deed. EDIT: UH I got...this mousepad?
  9. <lazer> oh hey <Tasebot> hey dan how about that marijuana <Dissident> hahahahaha <lazer> ... <lazer> why would you suggest such a thing, tasebot? <Tasebot> do you have any tasebot? <Dissident> tasebot is pretty hard to get tasebot
  10. Context: We found a love calculator and I ruin it (ps I free this thread from tasebot's reign of terror) <+Binary_2> You: Binary_2 <+Binary_2> Your Crush: Samusa Aran <@mib_umq8h7> Oh no Samusa pls <+Binary_2> You and your crush are 99% compatible! <+Binary_2> Wow !! It is destiny! The pizza ingredients are fresh and beautiful. Bake it with this true lover! 450 degrees of passion! <~rtil> >samusa <+BluPhoenix> wow samusa <+Binary_2> haha <@mib_umq8h7> The Bounty Haunter <~rtil> from the hit game Mantroib
  11. <Tasebot> now get periods tasebot? <Binary_2> Yes tasebot <Tasebot> binary_2 <Binary_2> tasebot <Tasebot> too true tasebot is the answer We're all dead
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