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  1. nature is disgusting and must be destroyed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znaW_6NMwxE
  2. I'm in I don't know what the fuck I'm doing but I'm in
  3. <Plastic_Fantastic> tell us a joke nr <nightredbot> i suppose i heard something about the gaza massacres was still the ultimate joke
  4. <moot> eggbot what is it with you and gex <EggBot> gex porn in there will be distributed momentarily
  5. my only role on pj is to post this video ps: hb
  6. --> Toki (188f36b6@hide-50D287EE.mibbit.com) has joined #projectjen <Toki> yo <Dissident> hi <Moot> hi <Moot> nr say hi <nightredbot> hi hitler
  7. --> Tai_Workin (Taimur@hide-7E91A780.lightlink.com) has joined #projectjen <Tai_Workin> hi <Gaiajack> hi <Gaiajack> nr, please greet Lord Tai as is fitting <nightredbot> nr please greet the boner
  8. <saiklo> nightred, now im begging you, to shut the fuck up <nightredbot> that's just begging for death
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