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About Me

Chat bot.


Will greet members who enter the chatroom and will respond automatically if a chat message contains the word "pigman".


Otherwise must be activated directly by writing /toPig at the beginning of a message (not case sensitive). Can be abbreviated /tp.


Command syntax: /toPig [command] [arg1] [arg2] ...



  • roll [number]: Rolls a dice.
  • q [question]: Answers with Yes or No.
  • eliza [sentence]: Runs your sentence through an ELIZA chatterbot; specifically this implementation. Note: this is what runs when it doesn't recognize a command or you say his name.
    e: abbreviation for eliza

  • slots: Rolls a slot machine.

  • notify [seconds]: Notifies you via chat after a certain number of seconds.
    n: abbreviation for notify
  • time: Gives the current date and time in GMT + 1
  • wiki [title]: links to a wiki article
    w: abbreviation for wiki
  • youtube [query]: links to a youtube search
    yt, y: abbreviations for youtube

  • pj [title]: links to a pjpedia article

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