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  1. alright sure, let's focus on the hat you guys have fun I'm going to go be a stereotype for a while, see you after my next mood swing
  2. I keep getting really light sunburns that heal quickly because I'm out in the sun jogging and swimming more often now. I hope these will lead to a tan instead of just peeling skin or cancer. I also found a hat and necklace that look good on me, and both work casually. The hat is a fedora, but it's not hipster-y. There will be no pictures though. Cowboys and Aliens was pretty awesome. I expected cheesy sci-fi shenanigans, but I received a movie that was actually worth watching. Also Rango was surprisingly good. I think bitter was the wrong word to describe myself. I'm disillusioned. It was very accurate to say that I've been using feigned apathy as a defensive move though. I want to be apathetic, but I'm not. I'm naturally too optimistic to give up hope. Which, really, isn't a good thing. I really wish I had some enthusiasm for keeping a journal.
  3. Call it what you want. I regret the lack of confidence in the system by developers, not my own decision to purchase it. And as I said, there will be other games released that I know I want to play. I bought it for the games it DID have and WILL have for certain. Anything I don't expect is just a bonus.
  4. yeah but that's really just when 3D is the only reason you chose to get it. I would have wanted a 3DS even if it didn't have 3D, but I may have waited a bit longer before getting one. And that reason is, maybe, personal choice? Here's a surprise: No one did hold a gun to my head saying "Buy a 3DS!" I bought one because I wanted to. I own more DS games than I own Xbox and PS3 games combined, and I felt the 3DS would be a strong successor to one of my favorite systems. I actually don't regret purchasing one either, I love this thing and use it A LOT more often now that they've added the online store and DSiware backwards compatibility. I'm not regretting that I bought a system that won't have any games on it, I'm saying it's unfortunate that there aren't more games than there are now. The games I have now are awesome. I fucking love Rayman and Ocarina of Time (which I've always wanted to be portable). Resident Evil and Street Fighter are fun too, and I wouldn't normally play either of those games. And with the upcoming First Party games coming out before the year ends, I'm going to have a stellar collection of 3DS games. It's just unfortunate that they will be 80% first party titles, because I loved the variety of third party software the DS had.
  5. I think all of these problems can be addressed if they just make some more games for the 3DS. 3D seems like a gimmick? Well sure, it WILL be a gimmick when the only games available are Nintendogs 3D, Barbie's 3D horse adventure, and 3D bullshit: We're not actually trying here- The Game. If they want to prove it's not a gimmick, then make a game that doesn't use it as one. If they don't care about that at all, then use the 3DS as a platform with widescreen and more power than the DS, along with many nifty wifi features. And how about people not moving to the 3DS? Well ask anyone who plans on buying one and they'll either tell you that it's expensive, or that they're waiting for more games to come out. Usually both. The price factor is being fixed this month, so what about the lack of games? They don't want to make games, because people aren't buying the 3DS, because it doesn't have enough games yet. I'm just saying it's surprising to watch a Nintendo system fail because there is a lack of confidence in the profits it can bring. And 3D being a gimmick? It's a gimmick that keeps drawing retards into movie theaters to pay $14 per ticket for shit like The Smurfs in 3D.
  6. But it has no games And try to follow me here because it gets complicated Because the games keep getting canceled. I get that there's a risk in bringing your business to a new system but I don't understand the hesitance to produce games on the 3DS. I may be wrong here but didn't the DS basically print money? Is the 3DS really that bad or is there another explanation for the lack of games?
  7. Okay I'm pretty surprised at the rate games are being dropped or canceled on the 3ds. Megaman, Saints Row Drive By, tons of games I never knew existed before getting dropped. How do developers expect to turn a profit without developing a game to completion, and making a quality product? Spoilers; if your game sucks then it won't get a good review.
  8. Hell I've always considered this place to be my private-public journal. but right before I prepare to unload some weighty shit from my brain I realize I feel like I'm becoming my own cliche even though this very post feeds right back into that same feeling, it's better than what I want to say. hell everyone is unhappy, what makes me so much different? Our experiences are unique only in the fact that we're limited to our own perspectives, that's the only factor that makes any complaints or confessions of a person worth listening to instead of being consistently unbearable. Sure we all have the same problems, but man I don't have to deal with them from your point of view. That's a philosophy at work, right there. But I've come here to vent or to seek advice enough times. You guys all know my problems because there is very little variation in them. Work, school, girls, loneliness (in intimate terms, I have enough friends), etc. One or two things change, is that really worth reporting back to the internet for? We're 'friends' yeah but at the same time I'm not so hot on opening up to 'friends' and being the butt of numerous jokes because I ask for too much help. It's not better being joked about for being a frustrated virgin than it is being joked about because I rant. Ranting is something I can change easily. I'm bitter (on some topics, but not all), I'm facing some uncomfortable truths, and I'm close to giving up hope as a defense mechanism. If I stop caring on my own terms, then that somehow makes everything better. Or at least, slightly less worse. Looking for the positive light in a bad situation, and grabbing hold of it before something can snuff it out. And to block my view of anything that may outshine it, to protect myself from getting lost while looking for a brighter beam. I'm about halfway through my 'vacation,' I think. I've decided that it might be cool to rent a bunch of Clint Eastwood cowboy movies. Try to act more like The Man With No Name. From what I've seen so far, he does what's right because it's what he wants to do, not because it's what's right. I think that's the kind of thing people don't recognize much anymore. And that's unfortunate. edit: oh my God, typing up shit like this always does wonders to clear my head it's like opening a window and clearing out all the bad vibes
  9. iggy this topic is stupid though I appologize for being unprepared to play along you guys :<
  10. well thank you for putting it in spoilers.
  11. KingRidley


    I saw some of it on /v/ I was laughing pretty hard at the picture with the ender(wo)man schlicking on the other side of a wall telling the miner "don't stop watching." with a funny fucking grin on its face. It's funny because if he looks away, he'll die.
  12. Look guys I'm just saying I'm glad we get something instead of just being out $80. Because honestly I would take the $80.
  13. http://www.pcworld.com/article/236798/nintendo_3ds_price_slashed_80_current_owners_getting_20_free_games.html More info about the price drop. Key notes: People who bought the 3DS BEFORE the price drop are going to be rewarded by becoming part of the 3DS Ambassador Program. This means that if you access the 3DS shop channel at least ONCE before August 11th, you're registered in the program. You get two categories of reward. 1. You get early pick of 10 free NES games from the new Virtual Console service in September. I don't know how long you have to pick, but I know that the games remain free and available to all 3DS ambassadors forever. You get to download the games before the general public can as well, starting September 1st. 2. You get 10 free GBA game downloads. Shit like Mario Kart, Metroid Fusion, Mario Advance 3, etc. Also, these GBA games will not be available to the general public at all. However there is no word just yet as to when these games will be available for download, all they say is "before the end of the year." I am no longer pissed at Nintendo. I may already own most of those games, but I am always glad to have them portable on future hardware. I'll probably need another SD card for my 20 free games though. Pryex, PED, and anyone else on here with a 3DS: I promptly invite from you a "bought-early-master-race" hi-five.
  14. okay that sort of pisses me off. I only got one at launch because I thought it'd be a year before the price dropped.
  15. happy birthday you metal viking head
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