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  1. The Discord link is at the top of the forums site page. Here is the link if you are unable to view it. This forum is mostly for archival purposes now.
  2. nr become the nr of old! i finally get to become unintelligible
  3. oh right, someone say the settings they want again and i'll start it up
  4. Wow, it got there that fast? I should order mine.
  5. Yeah a lot of it is edited very strangely. I had a really hard time watching it.
  6. Man, people are fucked up.
  7. MeanDroid has quit (Ping timeout: 181 seconds) aw dig doggity dangit I missed sailor dave hes still here hes a semen
  8. sai

    Howdy PARTNER

    Just officially got hired for an IT specialist position. Gonna be making 48k a year, so that means plenty of dakimakura covers and trips to akiba. This is probably going to get me out of the rut I'm in, hopefully.
  9. sai

    Howdy PARTNER

    Just make sure to leave some progeny behind before you go.
  10. sai

    Howdy PARTNER

    So it seems that I will sit erect atop my magicked throne alone.
  11. If you don't know how to do IRC, you can use the in-forum chat page located on the menu, as its directly linked with out IRC channel. If for some reason you get the IPB IP.Chat, then you're on an outdated skin, and will have to switch to a newer one with the menu located at the bottom of the page.
  12. My only gripe with it is that they ruined the whole "game" part at the end by making it so realistic that you think they are fighting the aliens anyways.
  13. thats because people have done away with bullies bullies used to beat up kids who didnt conform teach them to have equal peers but now its all gone to shit all because of bully shaming nightred activate anti bully protocol 1 see NR is part of the problem i don't have a problem
  14. good get OUT OF HERE all i need is nightred ;_; burn them ;_;
  15. sai

    Random shit I make

    fuck it whatever
  16. hello friends hello friend hello friend nr, engage greeting protocol nr engage battle music oh shit nr suit up for battle mobile suit yeeeeah
  17. sai


    is that a broken plate
  18. sai

    Howdy PARTNER

    Wait, did you buy a graphics card or a workstation card? Because you're going to want a workstation card for a studio pc and they ain't cheap.
  19. who the fuck downloaded "Celebrity Sex Tapes" on the seed box Frud> trying to get your server taken down was it you nightred nightredbot> nightred activate emergency uguu~
  20. sai

    Howdy PARTNER

    You can tell if gypsies are in the area by trails of thick, dark semen.
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