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  1. hey, haven't posted on here in a long time. I've been on chat a bit but I've kind of stopped doing that too for a while, so a general update couldn't hurt: I've been working at a software company since I graduated about a year ago. The pay is pretty good and the environment is awesome. Everyone's very friendly and helpful, I've met a few like-minded programmers and the subject matter keeps me entertained. Since the company's been growing quite a bit I've been given more responsibilities as new-hires start asking questions. Nothing too crazy but it makes me feel like I'm actually doing something other than wasting time in the same city where I went to college. I just recently got a 1-bedroom apartment. I've been living with roommates for the past five years and it's so nice to finally have a place I can call my own. It's nice to have people around but it's not so nice when they don't follow your idea of a good living space. So now I feel like I can finally arrange everything the way I want to, invite people over without having to check with everyone, etc. Also, after visiting Tai a couple of times I've taken the liberty of stealing a few of his ideas, mainly the use of a projector as both a tv and a second monitor. So that's gonna look sick and if any of you find yourselves in the upstate New York area hit me up so I can show off my living arrangements. Also I now live above two bars so there's another incentive. I've found a few off-hours activities to keep me entertained. Of course I have friends from college that I still hang out with but it's nice to have stuff that feels constructive. As some of you may know I've been DJing since I started messing around with DJ software about three years ago. I finally bought a hardware mixer (Numark 4trak) and that's definitely helped me get better at things. I still just consider it a hobby. It's fun to play for friends and it makes listening to music a lot more engaging. But I'd love to be able to do more with it. I've produced some music on a modded Gameboy cartridge (there's an example somewhere on this forum) and I've been looking into making actual songs by recording the Gameboy songs and fattening them out on a legitimate piece of production software. That's all in my head for now. I also started to (and by that I mean trying to) work out more often. I started taking some Krav Maga classes because it's fun to punch and kick a pad twice a week and you never know when it'll be useful. Now that the summer's here I'm going to try and run more just to keep my energy up, but I always tell myself that so who knows. In terms of the future I've strongly been considering California as my next living arrangement. My parents took me to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago because my mom was born there and worked there for a couple of years. I ended up loving the city, the surrounding area, and mostly the climate. I've also got a family friend who's son is my age and has offered to have his programmer friends let me know about any jobs in the area. The move probably wouldn't happen for another year or two but it gives me time to network, grow my portfolio and find the best opportunity. So Diss if you're moving to SF stay there for a bit so we can hang out and stuff. Holy shit that was a wall of text. Good luck getting through all that guys.
  2. while we're on a progressive house bender: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdQrYWfu5hY
  3. I've heard good things about the touchpad on this one (as well as most of the hardware on thinkpads) but I'll definitely let you know. As for the ports, this one is definitely limited and I don't think it comes with a replicator. But for everyday use it should suit my needs, and I can always grab an adapter/hub for anything extra
  4. I'm starting to realize I only come to this forum to show off the ridiculous technology I recently acquired. while that may be disappointing I honestly don't give a shit. oh well. that being said I have one of these bad boys on backorder: it's a thinkpad x1 carbon touch. i7 processor, 8 gigs of ram, 256gb SSD and a motherfucking 1600x900 touch screen and windows 8 but again there's a touch screen so fuck you don't judge me may not be getting it for a few weeks but oh man it'll be worth the wait
  5. sai that's not funny some people may actually think you bought an ipad mini
  8. also the Unreal Tournament series, Bioshock, Gears of War, Borderlands, etc. I've never really tried out a fully featured game development kit but I feel like if I made a game I'd want to make something very simple and compatible with most operating systems. Java would be ideal for stuff like that so I've been looking into engines like LWJGL but it might get annoying when I try modeling something with no prior experience.
  9. became a teaching assistant this semester for the C and Assembly class I took last year, so now I get to teach my first lab tomorrow about the wonders of UNIX and the Bash Shell! however I'm more excited to see how badly people can screw up these programming assignments, especially with these low level languages
  10. Blackflame


    yes, tell me how to donate and i will definitely chip in if you get this. ALSO if we get tekkit and our server has computercraft on it i will be so fucking happy
  11. yeah unfortunately he passed away in a flash 10-foot snowstorm. in the south you just don't see those coming. Moved into my new apartment last Friday. It's a lot bigger and after a decent amount of cleaning looks pretty nice. However, we still don't have internet. When I first contacted my ISP they said my address wasn't listed in their service so they would send a technician over to check out the house last Friday or Monday. I called them on Monday and the address still wasn't listed. This time the guy said that the technician probably came over already and that it usually takes 4 to 5 business days to enter the address into their database. Yes, four or five fucking business days to write what is probably a single SQL statement. I don't understand how that could possibly make sense. So for now I'm using the computer at my school's library. My internship starts tomorrow and they said they may have me convert a bunch of code in COBOL (old outdated programming language) to Java (new not-so-outdated programming language) so I figured it wouldn't hurt to use my time in the library to learn COBOL.
  12. wow, of course I did, in the one place that I can't change. :|
  13. A bit of background - about a year and a half ago I got a gameboy flashcart packaged with a rom called "LSDJ". It's a sequencer that can manipulate gameboy sounds and make awesome music. You've probably heard "chiptune" music like this on youtube. If not go and check some out. Anyways I've been working on a number of small projects for a while now. The only thing I've completed so far is a cover of "First Of The Year" by Skrillex. I realize there aren't a lot of people here that are into dubstep like that but I figured recreating something I'm familiar with would help me get the drive to complete other songs. And with all the obnoxious basslines and mechanical sounds it was not an easy task. So here's my first piece, feel free to post feedback or ask questions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaYc73mFx3I
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHWloxPt3ic was reminded of this remix out of nowhere, couldn't get it out of my head. the obvious solution is to post the video on PJ
  15. This is exactly how I feel. I always looked down upon the iPad as an oversized iPod touch until my dad got one. Then I found myself playing with it constantly. The size of the screen really makes a difference. For example, browsing the web is really innovative on most smartphones, but the small screen gets annoying when you're trying to click individual links and read a lot of information on one page. Laptops make this easier, but it's still a lot to carry around and you either have to deal with the trackpad or find somewhere to place your mouse. Tablets provide this awesome compromise by giving you enough screen real estate to view everything AND navigate easily with a touch screen, all while staying reasonably portable.
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