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  1. phizz


    If there's demand for a dedicated Minecraft server I'll get one. But if someone is up to the task of running one on their own connection that'd be cool. Not to be Debbie Downer here but I don't even play video games anymore so fuck if I can still figure out to run them.
  2. Ridiculous wind speeds in Columbus yesterday. I've heard from 60 to 80 mph. Uprooted trees that caused massive property damage, knocked over power lines which caused a couple trucks to catch fire and 500 thousand homes are without electricity. Also this lol
  3. Yup that's why it's such a pain to work with. I'll see if I can't motivate myself to figure it out instead of playing video games like a lazy jerk. I'm secretly competing against KR to platinum all the Jak & Daxter games but shhhdon'ttellhim
  4. Well shit. I apologize if this causes problems for anyone. I had no idea there was a malware tool. It has nothing to do with the Revolt skin, because of how adding skins to the board works, authors can't sneak stuff in there like that. Everything in style_images is just image files, as the directory suggest, so yes a php file like that is out of place. More than likely something got into the server and randomly decided to take root there. If you still have the file somewhere, knowing its creation/modified/accessed date (I forget which one doesn't change lol) would be useful. I changed all the passwords I use here, including the database one, when I gave you backend access so I probably unwittingly already secured against any attacks. Also when you asked why I should keep the board updated to the latest version in a previous thread, here's one reason.
  5. Almost everything pertaining to the chat should be under /forums/admin/applications_addon/ips/ipchat
  6. You probably already had this idea but if you put all the code pertaining to displaying the livestream into a separate file (txt, xml, etc) it would be easier to maintain because then it would just have to be loaded into the pages where it's used. That's how I was planning on getting it into the chat page.
  7. Oh man thanks jack you're awesome. I saw this thread after stacking heavy boxes all afternoon and was like uuuuggh so I really appreciate it. I can probably get a livestream display to toggle on or off on the chat page through use of cookies if that'll work for you ray. Although the chat page always gets pretty buttmad when I mess with it so it's going to wait until I can really focus on it over the weekend I'm also going to start //commenting my work now lol whoops
  8. I've been meaning to post invoices once a year because I believe in transparency and that you guys should know where your money is going (TOTALLY NOT TO DRUGS AND BOOZE). I totally spaced since I should have done this back in March. http://www.projectje...%20invoice1.png http://www.projectje...%20invoice1.png http://www.projectje...%20invoice1.png If anyone wants to take this as subtle begging than that is your issue because I'm not having any problems with financially supporting this place because you guys are awesome.
  9. Hey, I don't really remember you so don't worry about having made an impact negative enough for anyone to hold anything close to a grudge. If I think real hard I can get memory flashes of IRC lines such as "SHUT UP ZR" but like Rob said, most of us (or at least me) were typical internet nerdrage teenagers and grew out of it. I absolutely adore stumbling onto threads like this in other places when surfing the net because they show how much a person can change throughout their lifespan, but seeing one here is an unexpected surprise and pretty awesome so thanks for stopping by. Oh geeze, I'm so sorry.
  10. Oh man you're right I do regret missing that. Have a good birthday dude.
  11. Motherfucker I need to update the invision software and then remember what dumb mods I made to it. I'm going to have to start a dev-only board on phizzynet
  12. With the way the chat and the iOS works I don't think it's possible. If it is, there would already be an app for it. I'll start reading some For Dummies books in my spare time though. Video games have been making me mad lately.
  13. phizz


    Bumping with a poll. I choose no because I think it'd be more trouble than it's worth. But that's just my opinion.
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