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Posted by Gaiajack on 19 January 2015 - 01:15 PM

I can't really wrap my head around this fact myself, but I'm posting this from an apartment in central Moscow.


For anyone who doesn't know, I'm doing a three month (unpayed) internship at the Independant University of Moscow, or at least a lab connected with it.


Russia is exactly what you imagine. As soon as I saw it through the plane window I was struck by it how different it looked to the European landscapes I'd flown over earlier. It's a circuitboard of black mud and white snow, lines of bleak, spiky buildings and long, thin dead trees like something in a Slavic folktale. Even the clouds seemed different, harder and rougher. I took a train into town from the airport (which is plagued by guys trying to get you into their taxis, but maybe that's every big city) to downtown Moscow, so that takes you through the city outskirts.


There's three colors: the white of the snow, the black of the earth and trees, and the grey/brown of everything else. It's a barren, flat, and absolutely wide open landscape patchily covered with snow. Huge iron structures and aging buildings that look like an unearthed human ribcage, randomly placed houses in bright colors with weirdly familiar-yet-subtly-alien architecture. The occasional terrifying, illuminated soviet skyscraper in all its angular glory. As soon as you get off the train downtown you're hit by the smell of tar. You go down a long walkway with the bright red trains on either side, your entire field of view taken up by Paveletsky rail terminal, holding up six huge, neon letters in a dated art deco style, only the last two of which actually worked:




I met up with a researcher from one of the universities who I've been e-mailing and he guided me through the Moscow Metro to my apartment, just inside the Garden Ring. Downtown Moscow feels gigantic and is of course much prettier than the outskirts. Dragged my suitcase up five stories of a spriral staircase (there's an old elevator but I doubt my suitcase would have fit anyway), and we got settled. We talked for a long time about math, russia and russians, and the universities here. He loaned me 3000 rubles, which I guess is enough for food for a couple days while I figure out how I want to convert my euros.

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